Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Race is... OFF

Holly and I have to end this crazy race against time to buy a house in time to get the $8000 from Obama. We did this for several reasons, in no particular order:

1) We feel like we are rushing to find just any ole house so we can get the tax refund.
2) If one of us were to lose a job we would be hurting financially. We are trying to keep all of our bills dependent on one paycheck.
3) We want to buy a house that we really love.
4) We would like to save up a larger downpayment (~20%)

So yes, the house hunt is off. On the bright side, this leaves a good chunk of money that will go straight to our student loans :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

And the Look Continues...

Well, we are not going through with the Elm Street house. Through much good advice, thought, and prayer we have decided against it. The reason being is that this house does not have good resale value and there are about 3 things that we would want done almost immediately after we move in. Since we don't want to spend the money on those things, and instead put it towards debt, and also since we don't want to lose money when trying to sell the house again, we have decided to terminate the contract...and KEEP LOOKING.
Please pray that all goes well and that we either find that house that God has planned for us soon, or we realize we shouldn't even be buying a house! We'll see...

Jeremiah 10:23
"I know, LORD, that our lives are not our own. We are not able to plan our own course."

The Cross

May thy cross be to me

as the tree that sweetens my bitter Marahs,

as the rod that blossoms with life and beauty,

as the brazen serpent that calls forth the look of faith.

By thy cross crucify my every sin;

Use it to increase my intimacy with thyself;

Make it the ground of all my comfort,

the liveliness of all my duties,

the sum of all thy gospel promises,

the comfort of all my afflictions,

the vigour of my love, thankfulness, graces,

the very essence of my religion;

And by it give me that rest without rest,

the rest of ceaseless praise.

--The Valley of Vision